Last year I drooled over a friends photos of the ice castles in Midway, Utah. This year, I just knew I had to go. There was a long time though, when we worried that ice castles wouldn't happen. While the east coast and South may be going through snowmageddon; we've had barely any snow here in our southern mountain states. Utah was brown during our entire trip, which was a little sad. My husband even had to forego his annual snowboarding trip because the quality of the snow was lacking. I was thrilled when they finally announced an opening date. It was so hard to get tickets that we had to extend our trip by two days just to see the ice castles. Luckily, kids are still on winter break, and husband had some leave. 

I kind of forced my siblings into going with me, and I think (most) of their kids loved it. I know mine did. I did overhear a few people mention that the ice castles are not as large as they usually are. It's understandable given the weather in Utah this year. They were still beautiful, and I would recommend the experience to anyone who likes their eyes.