While visiting my family (yes I have more pictures, but not many). I discovered that just steps rom my parents door, perhaps 500, there is a really awesome gully. We discovered that turning left took us on a nice leisurely stroll down a hill. It was about a mile round trip. If one were to take the left turn, however, there is a really great hill and a fairly decent 2 mile hike. I prefer the latter, but, I'm a hills girl myself. One of the mornings we went I brought my camera and took some photos. 

Another day we were in Pleasant Grove and happened to, strategically, drive next to the Timpanogas Temple during Sunset, on a Sunday. So there are a few perks to taking photos of the temple on Sundays. One is that there are very few other people there generally. The downside is that the gates are closed, so I have to get creative on getting the shots I want. At one point I stood on top of the car to get high enough to get over the fence. If you are looking for a high adventure photographer, you found her.