We just got back from Utah, as you know from my last post. We go to Utah a few times a year. I think this was my favorite trip out though. We ended up doing something every day. It's been fun to have older kids. My main concern isn't whether or not they can go somewhere, its finding enough great things to do to keep them entertained. So, on trips that has bee my goal, Do one cool things every day. 

Salt Lake has a really decent planetarium, just down the street from Temple Square. It is also free. I'm not sure whether they liked the green screen or the interactive Io moonscape better. They spent a solid three hours there. Free and time consuming? I call that a win. I definitely recommend it for a family looking for an inexpensive activity. 

After the planetarium, we walked around Temple Square for a bit. In the back, by the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, there are a collection of Nativities from different parts of the world. They are a little sad without any snow to cover the garden barriers. But they are moving nonetheless. I really think it's beautiful to see the imagery of Christs birth translated into regionally understood languages. Every child should be able to see themselves in the story. What better way than handcrafted Creches with symbology that is familiar.