So, take three. I have literally written this post three times and somehow managed to delete it three times. I think the last time I wrote it will be better than this one, but, I'm also  super tired of writing it. So, here's the readers digest version. No fluff, just facts. 

I really love the Provo City Center Temple. It's probably my favorite. I love the fact that it's built from the burned out shell of the Tabernacle. I love that simple fact for so many reasons, but I'll mention two. I love the amount of historical preservation goes into restoring a historic building rather than tearing down and building a new one. And I love that it expresses the highest and best form of recycling. 

There are so many other reasons to love the building, that were so eloquently expressed in my last failed attempt at this post, but I cannot recreate them again. Just know they had to do with color composition and architectural integrity. 

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