While up in Utah over Christmas we have the tradition of taking family photos. This year we are short the brotherly side of our family, sad! It was a rough season though, we spent the holiday passing around colds. Some of the family were really quite sick with it. My mom and nephew I think were the worst. So planning a time for photos was tough, and probably miserable for more than one of us. I am lucky though, to have so many indulgent family members because I love the process. We managed to get individual group shots, and I've "grafted" a beautiful family shot. So all-in-all I would consider it a success. Although, I've heard through the grapevine that a petition has been put forth to prevent this from happening more than once a year. Haha, I love it. In the spirit of democracy I  submit my own proposal; that we move the time for family photos from Christmas (winter, miserable, coldness, especially for said photographer who spends more time there than anyone) to the spring. Can I get a second?  Crickets, . . Maybe I'll have to breach that topic when wounds are not so fresh ;) Don't I have the most gorgeous family though!